Communication is the vital ingredient that creates a relationship.

I help executives, teams, families and individuals find their strengths and develop the tools to have crucial conversations, communicate openly and stay connected.

What my clients say...

"I thought that I had worked through everything in my life, that I am clean and ready to face the world. That was until I started my journey with Keli. Wow, what a shock it was to discover that I still have so much to discover about myself.  But what an amazing journey it is so far. Keli has a way of opening you up to yourself, she helps you see yourself for who you truly are, without judging yourself, and if you do it is in a loving way. I am in awe for how I am feeling at this present moment and what she has helped me to accomplish in the form of my confidence, the way I see people and interact with others. Also in what I have accomplished so far in the form of my business and in writing my book. Every step with Keli is exciting, and knowledgeable. I would recommend anybody to spend time with Keli in a session."

Sharmane Bentley | Nurse, Sisonke Medical


What does it mean to lead?  Do you need a title, authority or power to lead?  How do you develop a team culture of leadership?

I coach individuals and teams to develop their leadership muscle and help them create organisational structures that allow them to express their strengths and values.

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We live in a world that is ever more connected and networked yet we still stumble over how to communicate and be heard.

I help you explore the values and the meaning behind what you are trying to say and develop skills to say it in a way that reaches the other person and has impact.

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