I am a Certified Professional Co-active® Coach and a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. I help companies and their leaders manage and implement change. Through coaching individuals, leaders and their teams they identify their purpose, maximise their strengths, and fulfil their personal and business goals.

What is Coaching?

As a CoActive Coach, my role is not to give advice; rather, I help you hear your own insight and help you remain accountable for the steps you know you must take.

I honour the client as the expert in his/her life and work, and have trained to bring out your best self by cutting through all the noise and distractions to create whatever you wish.

Through the process of recognizing your life purpose, vision, dreams, values and inner wisdom, you can achieve your goals, make better decisions, and take action in alignment with who you truly are.

It can be applied to any area of life: career, health, relationships, etc., and  can be done in person or over the phone with either audio or video (FaceTime), or Skype.

What is Strengths Coaching?

Using the Gallup StrengthsFinder survey we identify your Top 5 Strengths or your Full 34 Strengths Profile. Once we have your profile we work through your talents and natural inclinations to help you  identify them and how they have unconsciously shaped your behaviours and decisions in the past.

Once you are able to recognsie your talents we develop a process of helping you use those talents, invest in them and turn them into Strengths.

The coaching then takes place over a period time to work through everyday situations in life, career and relationships  and help you use your Strengths to achieve the best results. Ultimately helping you to aim for fulfillment through being the best you can be and achieving your goals and dreams.

Do you need Coaching?

If you are feeling stuck, need to make a career change or life choice, want help developing your leadership skills, I coach private clients and do personal sessions or via telephone, Skype and other electronic channels.

Listen to the audio on my blog Finding the Right Coach for You to help you find the best coach to match your needs.

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