My Story


My Story

One day I was sitting at my desk on the 7th floor of a tall building in central Johannesburg, reading an article on LinkedIn by someone who was a thought leader in corporate communications. She described internal communication professionals (my current role at that time) as Sociologists and in that moment, it was like all the cogs in my head suddenly slotted into place.

I realised…

My path through university which lead to majoring and doing honours in Industrial Sociology (although I had not chosen that subject as part of my first-year curriculum) and my frustration studying Law as it was so clearly not about justice or building a better society, but about proving that you are right or wrong and following trillions of procedures.

My career started as a part time job in a public relations firm to pay the bills while I waded through yet another year of criminal procedure. It went on to touch on advertising, marketing in a large global bank, public relations for many blue-chip clients, brand and sponsorship activation, social media and finally a love for brands and making them resonate within a company culture through communications and change management.

Whether I travelled the world to attend conferences, coaxed CEOs to communicate through disaster and change, launched new products, started businesses or helped build even bigger ones; … it was all Sociology!

Now as a coach, I embrace my passion for understanding people, how they view the world from their own unique perspective and how they fit into the social structures of family, community and work. I strive to illuminate that special light that we all hold inside us as we discover their authentic self and make conscious choices to live true to themselves and in harmony with the social environment that resonates with their values and deeper purpose.

In a corporate space I work with teams and leaders to understand the value that they bring to the collective, not only in their technical expertise but in growing as leaders regardless of their title or role. We work together to handle change and to build a culture that celebrates all that they are and to communicate that magic to each other and the rest of the world.

I live this passion in my spare time by travelling to find new perspectives and cultures and experiencing the world through food and wherever the bicycle paths take me.

So, I am an adventurer, facilitator, change manager, communicator, mother (and step-mother), entrepreneur, wife and a sociologist. I bring all of these things to authentically living my purpose as a coach.