Communication is the vital ingredient that creates a relationship.

I help executives, teams, families and individuals find their strengths and develop the tools to have crucial conversations, communicate openly and stay connected.

What my clients say...

"Keli Fernie you've changed my life!! If it wasn't for the time we've spent together, your passion, compassion and guidance I'd still be lost wrestling with my demons! Because of you I've grown in the confidence of who I am, what I do and most importantly my life purpose! You helped me name it and claim it! I highly highly recommend you! Love and light my friend and life coach, Love and Light!"

Si Luvuno | Marketing Manager at Mattress Factory


What does it mean to lead?  Do you need a title, authority or power to lead?  How do you develop a team culture of leadership?

I coach individuals and teams to develop their leadership muscle and help them create organisational structures that allow them to express their strengths and values.

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We live in a world that is ever more connected and networked yet we still stumble over how to communicate and be heard.

I help you explore the values and the meaning behind what you are trying to say and develop skills to say it in a way that reaches the other person and has impact.

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