Career Choice : Loving what you do

Sitting in a waiting room, I was recently surprised to see an article in Marie Claire magazine that advised its readers about making a career choice. The advice was not to follow their passion and to ignore the prolific social media quotes about “love what you do and never work a day in your life.” According to the magazine;

Research shows that doing what you love for work is not only likely to make you despise it, but it’s also a rather unattainable goal in most cases … and can often lead to even more disappointment in your career. – Marie Claire November 2017

As a coach, reading the article just gave me jitters, it felt like they were telling everyone to suck it up, settle for mediocre and just do what pays the bills. I could feel the trapped anxiety of their readers as the dream of one day doing something different was shattered.

The fundamental principle behind the coaching that I do is helping clients find resonant choice. By discovering their true brilliance and passion and then making conscious choices to not only DO what is right for their current life stage and situation but also BE the best version of themselves whilst doing it.

There is no point in doing the work of a high powered executive or an unfettered artist if it stresses you out, makes you feel unconnected to what is important and does not resonate with your values. The secret is finding a place where you can be fully you, whilst doing what works.

Making that resonant choice is what coaching is all about. Sometimes it a matter of perspective about where you already are, sometimes it is about fully understanding the growth or change it will take and bravely living it.

As we grow and the circumstances of our lives change we should also be open to making new choices and exploring new ways of being and doing that feel right. Life is not static and neither are we. Make conscious choices about the values you honour by doing what you do, and be the best you while doing it.

If you would like to explore what drives your passion, honours your values and how to make it part of what you do and who you can be, contact me for a free sample session.