About Keli

I am a sociologist, communicator and a coach. That means I love working with groups, understanding how they connect and influence each other. I have spent most of my life helping brands, companies and families communicate, express themselves and find connections with their people.

Coaching allows me to help companies, individuals and families connect better, communicate authentically and grow.

I am also a wife, mom and step-mom, an entrepreneur and consultant.

I have won international awards, lead multi-cultural teams in more than 20 countries and created business impact that changed those organisations fundamentally. I have also failed, chosen the wrong partners, felt stuck and out of control. That’s the amazing classroom called life.

My top 5 Gallup Strengths are Responsibility | Achiever | Futuristic | Activator | Connectedness.

This means I am a coach that takes personal responsibility for what we have set out to achieve and will not rest until I feel we have completed it. My futuristic strength gives me the ability to visualise the end state, the potential you have and to help others see it too. My activator strength means I am quick to get started on new things and enjoy finding innovative new solutions. Connectedness gives me the skill of not only being able to connect to people but also to see the connections between ideas, strategies and how we all engage as a greater whole.

On a more personal note, after experiencing divorce as a child, and as an adult I have worked through the experience of being a single mom, a step mom and a wife in a blended family; I am passionate about working with people who are struggling with the effects of divorce and recovering from it. My husband, Jed, and I are facilitators of two  different 13 week courses, DivorceCare and Single&Parenting.  Contact me for more details.

What my clients say...

"I really enjoyed interacting with Keli during our coaching sessions. She is professional, well prepared and very dynamic with regard to the methods, tools and techniques that she uses. I derived a lot of benefit from her coaching and look forward to attending our future sessions."

Andrew Roy | Product Manager at cars.co.za


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