Vision 2018

Vision 2018

Start 2018 on the right track.¬†Join my one-on-one Vision 2018 workshops to help you learn from 2017’s lessons and to set a clear vision for how you will consciously choose to live in 2018.

Do you want to change your career or just find more balance in your life?
My special 2 hour one-on-one session will help you find your purpose and build a plan for 2018 that is grounded in your values. True fulfillment comes from rediscovering your true potential and focusing on both what you are doing and who you are being to live it.

The two hour session  costs R1,500 and will include:

  • A review of 2017, its challenges, discoveries and what you can celebrate.
  • Looking at the 8 segments that make up our lives and discovering your level of fulfilment in each area.
  • Creating a vision of your long term goals
  • Setting goals for 2018 and the steps needed to reach them
  • Setting deadlines and creating accountability for meeting the deadlines.

You take home a workbook manual that you can use to keep you on track through out 2018.

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If you are still unsure if this is for you, book a free sample session where we can talk through the coaching process and what you want to achieve. Click this button to book a free sample session:

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